22 de fevereiro de 2007

2 Roads

Can we go into same direction but still have diferent roads? The answer is yes, a loud YES! Want to see? Come on!
We´re all (at least the real christians) going to Jesus direction, the one that will lead us to heaven, eternal paradise with Christ, but still we have to choose what road we´ll take.
There is the road that guides people to a ,sometimes, great life INSIDE the church where you go to the meetings, you praise God and...that´s all.
There is also the road that guides people to a fullfield and amazing life in Christ where you give your life to Him for that He may put you where He wants you to be.
I´ve chosen the second road and I wanna know him more, to do more, to be more...and all for His glory and cause. And you? What road will you take?

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