22 de dezembro de 2006

All the things we must give up!

It´s not easy when we have to let things go, when we all have to make hard decisions and give up of some things that you love. In this last days I´ve been living like this. The reason is my girlfriend, I love her so much, and she is a such great person, but she is not very comitted to the Reign of our God.
We´ve praying this last week about that and I´m sure that God is hearing our prayes and now she is the one who has to make a stand and fight for God´s dreams to her life. My position about all that is one: I cannot marry with someone who does not have the same purpose that I, who does not wan to give up of everything for the cause of the lost people in this wide world.
I´ll give her all the chances that I can, but some day this is gonna have a final: live the God´s dream or a breakup.

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